Festivus 2011

Today and every December 23rd is Festivus, and although it sprung from a Seinfeld episode, it has qualities that I really enjoy.  The best, in my opinion, is the Airing of Grievances and today we will do it as time warrants.  If you would like to do so as well just click on the comments and have at it.  If you want to remain anonymous in your Grievance you can send an email to us and I will post for you.  Only rules is it must be concussion related (including me/this site).

2010 Festivus

Let the Airing of Grievances begin!!!

  • Mouth Gear Companies (that have not done so already) – your product has little to zero attenuating properties for the brain sloshing around in the skull, stop marketing them that way.
  • Pop Warner Football – is exposing kids as young as 6 years old to repeated head trauma and brain injury really a good idea?
  • Football “Dads” – your son can learn the sport and nuances from playing flag football, and get this, perhaps develop a love of the game without the risk of being destroyed by ‘Jimmy’ the overgrown 8-year-old.
  • James Harrison (two years in a row) – crown of helmet when lowered is a weapon, not intended in the sport of football.
  • Rural Iowa ER Docs – pick up a CDC recommendation some time and see the proper management for concussions, waking every hour is only compounding the effects.  -Anon, ATC
  • School Administrations – there is no need for 504 plans (see red tape) for recently concussed students, take some time and implore your teachers to do the right thing and work with the student.
  • School Administrations part II – if you don’t work with the newly concussed students then you will be writing up a ton of 504 plans when their cognitive ability becomes debilitated.
  • Parents – it is OK to let your children play sports and participate in life, concussions happen, just handle them with a little RTLC (relaxing tender loving care).
  • ALL Football Officials – throw the flag if someone leads with the head, I don’t care if you throw 20 of them, its a penalty.
  • Chiropractors – unless you have been neurologically trained treat the musculo-skelatal side effects of a trauma to the neck region and allow MD/DO’s to treat the actual concussion.  -Anon, MD
  • Athletic Trainers – Quit complaining about the use of “trainers” in an article after the correct nomenclature is presented earlier in the piece.  -Anon
  • Media – Please use the correct nomenclature when referring to the health care professional athletic trainer at least once, at the beginning of the story.
  • Certain Twitter Followers – I have noticed a few of you who are associated with companies that some times get “bad press” or “bad light” in the concussion issue, if you are stalking me please stop, I just share my humble opinion.
  • Athletic Trainers part II – although you have a very good education and background on concussions please stop managing concussions on your own if there is a qualified physician in your area.  -Anon, ???
  • Physicians – please use resources to get up to speed on concussion management, it is difficult tying to explain why an athletic trainer would trump a doctor, unfortunately we have to do that from time to time.  -Anon, ATC
  • Athletes – It is OK to miss a game or practice, this is the risk you take when playing sports.

More to follow…


3 thoughts on “Festivus 2011

  1. Michael Hopper December 23, 2011 / 21:25

    Doctors who are not concussion-educated! Like the one who diagnosed one of my athletes with a Grade 3 concussion when he saw the athlete 3 weeks post-concussion and did a CT scan that showed nothing.

    Healthcare professionals who believe they know everything about concussions because they took a 5-hour course in a day…

  2. Joe Bloggs December 23, 2011 / 22:11

    Will NFL and NHL concussion committees ban the term concussion like symptoms? If you have the symptoms, you have a concussion.

    Will NFL and NHL concussion committees ban the term neck and head injury to describe a concussion?

    (We should have a prize for the person who can identify the source of the diagnostic insights that try to avoid league guidelines,)

    Will Philadelphia based doctors responsible for all sorts of euphemisms for concussion be compelled to follow the book? My favorite Philadelphia diagnosis being Michael Vick has something in his eye. Yes, a helmet.

    Finally, we should just call concussions what they are, “mild-Traumatic Brain Injuries.” One can be enough, but if you have repeated mild-Traumatic Brain Injuries you are likely to be permenantly impaired physically and psychologically. Parents and coaches might take it more seriously. Maybe have old home day for players from 20 to 40 years ago visit current players and parents to see how things turned out.

    Happy Festivus.

    • John Gonoude December 23, 2011 / 23:46

      Amen to what Joe Bloggs says.

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