Festivus Airing Of Grievances

Quickly Christmas Eve Eve is becoming one of my favorite holidays.  Today and every December 23rd is Festivus, and although it sprung from a Seinfeld episode, it has qualities that I really enjoy.  The best, in my opinion, is the Airing of Grievances and today we will do it as time warrants.  If you would like to do so as well just click on the comments and have at it.  If you want to remain anonymous in your Grievance you can send an email to theconcussionblog@comcast.net and I will post for you.  Only rules is it must be concussion related (including me/this site).

Here we go…

  • Rick Pitino – I don’t care what “context” you think or your PR people say you were using, being that backwards on the concussion issue makes me think you have had a few yourself.
  • James Harrison – The crown of your helmet causes major damage to others, why don’t you line up and catch a slant?
  • Mark Schlereth & other NFL’ers who minimize head injuries – True, it is part of the game, but education of how bad they can be is not a crime nor wrong, so maybe you should help out and not be a roadblock.
  • Gary Bettman – Stop with the cloak and dagger injury reports, enough already.
  • Uneducated Doctors – how hard is it to read current information from CDC and your journals about head injuries?

More to follow…  Have at it…

  • Parents – When your son/daughter is in high school and their brain is rattled/injured, missing a game, or a couple of games, is really not that big of a deal.
  • Dad’s – Your kid did NOT “just get their bell rung”, maybe back in the day when you were walking 10 miles to school in knee deep snow that was the case, but have you seen how big your kids are now?
  • Roger Goodell – Stop with the “official helmet” business.  Collaborative efforts will make this issue better.
  • Gary Bettman part II – Is it so hard to outlaw any hit to the head, have you seen your head/neck/face injury reports?
  • Uneducated Doctors part II – When the CT and MRI are clear, that does not mean a person with a head injury can return when they want to.
  • Media – Please use the term Athletic Trainer, at least once prior to using the word trainer.
  • University of Louisville – Stop protecting Pitino, it was a bad statement.  Say so and move on.
  • Officials in football – If a player drops their head at impact, throw the flag.
  • Officials in football part II – If a player launches himself at another player with his arms at his side, THROW THE FLAG!

More to follow…

  • To time – Since Festivus is only 24 hours, its time to shut it down for this year, hope the rest of you have a good Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Festivus Airing Of Grievances

  1. Paul December 23, 2010 / 10:03

    Many coaches still don’t get it! Concussions are nothing to be taken lightly and they take time to recover from. There is nothing anyone can do to speed the recovery process but you can surely hinder it. When a coach stresses the athlete out, when you coach them to tell the AT and Doc that they are symptom free, when you get upset with them for still having symptoms tells me you are coaching for the wrong reason!

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