Wow Moment! Must Watch for Active Learners

EIM ConcSo I am neck deep in a continuing education course that will take many months to complete. One that I was very hesitant to take on due to my very busy schedule (not so much as an athletic trainer but as a dad and husband).

Long story short Jess Schwartz convinced me to take on the Evidence in Motion Concussion Management Course.

The course has been brilliant in the four short weeks I have been at it, mainly learning about the Therapeutic Neuroscience Education. The education is not simple watch/read and test; this involves active learning and constant dialogue as part of the grade. I am learning a ton just writing about the courses and conversing with the many other professionals in this cohort.

However, today one of our group leaders posted a link to a video that is not in the course but for ancillary learning. The group post simply asked if we had seven minutes to watch it.

I had and I did. What happened next was this post. This video below is not only for me but for EVERYONE. I highly suggest you find the time and watch this:

I would also suggest to any practitioner out there that is looking for more information about treating concussion, this course is one that seems to be on its way. Time will tell how this course/certification will apply to me and others but just the mere fact that I have changed the way I approach concussion care (in a good way) in this short time leads me to believe we are on the right path.

There will be follow ups regarding this as the course progresses.