Helmet in Volleyball

So I was flipping through the channels during the NFL game, and I stopped on the NCAA Volleyball Semi-Finals and noticed something extremely odd on the court. It appeared that a player, the Libero for Cal, was wearing something on her head. About three seconds later they cut to her and she was wearing a soft helmet. I assumed she had suffered previous concussions and someone had successfully implemented a proactive method for preventing further injury.

So I did a quick Google search on Robin Rostratter and found the story behind the helmet.

“It allows me to play aggressive and not worry about hitting my head again,” said Rostratter, believed to be the only Division I volleyball player to wear a helmet. “If I dive or collide with someone else, it gives that extra cushion that will help protect my head. It doesn’t affect the way I play other than mentally I know hitting my head is something I don’t have to worry about.”

The Championships are being contested in Kansas City and the Kansas City Star ran the story.

Rostratter has a very long and tenuous history of concussions. The problems began before entering college, but her two most recent concussions were the catalyst to don the helmet. In her freshman year, she dove and hit her head on the floor, causing symptoms that lasted for weeks.  Then right before the Tournament last year, her head collided with a teammate’s knee, ending her season. In preparation for this season, she wore the helmet, became used to it, and continues to wear it even though she is not required to.

“She was told this fall she didn’t need it, but she had gotten so used to it, she asked her teammates how they’d feel if she wore it, and they said, whatever makes you comfortable, do it.”

With concussions being such a hot-button topic in sports this year, Rostratter — who leads the Bears in digs and service aces — has been a symbol for concussion prevention.

“Since we’ve been on TV a few times earlier in the year,” Feller (Rich, head coach) said. “I’ve gotten about a dozen e-mails or phone calls from moms or dads or coaches with a similar story in volleyball, and soccer or a couple of other sports. There are people out there interested.”

Count us among the interested, and the athletic trainer needs a big “WAY TO GO” for ingenuity and thoughtfulness. Rostratter may be a positive trend setter in concussion prevention and management. Good Luck to the Bears, as they are handling USC as I type.


6 thoughts on “Helmet in Volleyball

  1. Amy Dempsey November 11, 2012 / 01:14

    I am a parent of 14 year old volleyball player who has suffered 2 concussions this past season- her club team and us are considering a helmet for her. She is not yet receptive to wearing it, and I know her team mates will support it. I’m scared to death she will have another court accident.

  2. Margy Carpenter February 11, 2013 / 14:35

    My 12 year old daughter is currently suffering from a v-ball concussion. I’m so worried that this will happen again to her and find it odd that volleyball clubs do not require helmets.
    There is a certain image girls’ volleyball portrays and sadly, a helmet would probably be a hard sell to the girls. I just learned of a protective headband that is being used in soccer to prevent concussions. It protects the forehead and the temples. Helmets are definitely the best choice but the headband sounds like a good option for now.

    • Michelle Schertzinger February 13, 2014 / 10:15

      My daughter is currently recovering from her 2nd concussion in 3 months. I have been devastated at the thought of her quitting sports as they are part of her identity. I am going to look into purchasing a helmet for her to wear during volleyball. It is such a great alternative to retiring at age 14. I do not want to see her suffer any more with concussions and am terrified of the long term affects they could have. I pray that both children and adults will be kind if she does wear it.

  3. Michael Juels February 26, 2015 / 03:44

    Believe it or not this is more than just a momentary phenomenon!! Since outfitting Robin Rostratter for her helmet we have been shipping helmets to liberos all across the country and the stories all the same!! We are here for all you girls just check us out at http://www.gamebreakerhelmets.com !!

  4. Dena August 26, 2015 / 20:44

    My 15 year old daughter has had 2 concussions do to volleyball in 2 seasons. I am looking for head protection as we speach for this season. It is the sport she loves and I will support her in her decision to play again as long as she wears what I will be getting her.

    • Michael Juels August 28, 2015 / 11:06

      Hi Dena…We’ve outfitted hundreds of volleyball players at youth, high school, and collegiate level. With 11 colors and ability to add logo’s to them the girls love them! Plus there’s even a ponytail slot! Check us out at http://www.gamebreaker.com

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