Marc Savard Out For the Season (UPDATED)

Ongoing post-concussion symptoms relating back to last NHL season will force Marc Savard to sit the remainder of the year.

Savard sat out the first two months of the season and training camp to recover from the post-concussion syndrome, an injury that came from a blindside hit by Penguins’ Matt Cooke on March 7 of last season. However, after returning on Dec. 2, he suffered another concussion on Jan. 22, his  second in less than a year.

Savard is quickly becoming the “face” of post-concussion syndrome in hockey, and the guy has had some serious bad luck.  It is not known as of now if these are his only two concussions he has suffered during his career, but they may be his last.  His professional hockey career is now at a crossroads, and retirement may be in the cards.  This is truly one of the “good guys” in the sport and it is a shame that it may all come to an end.  We can only hope that he does good and educate all that will listen about his story and help others in the NHL currently and in the future.

This will certainly be an interesting story to follow as more details emerge. (Source)


Update: The Bruins and Marc held a press conference today. NESN has full coverage but some highlights:

-No chance of a return this year no matter what the Bruins playoff situation might be.

– Savard didn’t point to one hit this season that lead to this but a “recurring” feeling after being hit multiple times within a few weeks

“Everything feels slower. … You have situations that you just don’t feel right. Headaches and seeing some dots … it’s just an uncomfortable state. People see you on the outside, and you kind of look normal, you don’t have a cast on or something, but inside, you feel it. It’s just tough. For myself, I sleep a lot — more than usual. It’s definitely tough.”

-Dr. Asnis would’t commit to this being directly caused or affected by last year’s concussion… obliviously we don’t have all of the medical details but I personally believe that is a fair conclusion

-Great quote from teamate Zdeno Chara:

“A lot of times you think hockey is the most important thing,” Chara added. “But health is one of those things that you can’t buy or replace.”

-Interesting note: When the Bruins GM was asked if the NHL was doing enough to limit head injuries he brought up a topic we have covered here recently and said  ” the pads need to get softer”

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