Game Day Concussions UPDATED 10:37cst

All the 1pm (est) NFL games are still in the first half and we have seen 3 players apparently lose consciousness; DeSean Jackson (PHI), Dunta Robinson (ATL) and Josh Cribs (CLE).  The first two were involved in the same hit, where Robinson lowered his head and used the crown under the chin of Jackson (it did get a flag).  But both players were “out” and needed some time to get upright and back to the bench.

Cribs was clocked while going down on a run, and he was taken back to the locker room and ruled out according to the official Browns statement.

And as I type this Sam Bradford was drilled by Kevin Burnett, as Burnett left his feet and hit Bradford in the head with the crown of the helmet, no flag.  Burnett should be expecting a fine come Tuesday.  But on the next play Bradford does not get hit in the head but there is a flag for it (make up call).

Stay tuned for more information.


Thanks to @injuryexpert and @stick313, Todd Heap took a shot to the head as well in Baltimore.  I assume Goodell will be on the phone this week.  He can give me a call!!!


Jackson and Cribs are OUT.  Robinson is QUESTIONABLE.  Heap has returned with “stinger”, OK.


Mohamed Massaquoi listed as OUT with a head injury according to @espnafc_north.


Julian Edleman takes a shot to the back of the head from a defender in the 4th quarter.  Wonder if he comes back.


Zack Follett, who has had a concussion already this year, motionless after hit to the head.


Edleman was removed from the game and was initially reported as “leg” injury.  I called BS on that, as did others.  They later “corrected” the report and listed head as the injury.  I have always had suspected that teams would under report concussions.  I will take off my tinfoil hat now and watch football.


Just saw the two Cleveland Browns head injuries (Cribbs/Massaquoi), and both of which were helmet to helmet shots.  The common denominator is James Harrison of the Steelers.  That dude really leads with his head, or did today…  I imagine that Goodell will be calling him this week.

Also saw the Heap hit as well, and I cannot fathom how that was listed as a “stinger”.


Zack Follet will not travel with team to Detroit due to head/neck injury.  Story HERE at ESPNNY.


After reviewing the hit on DeSean Jackson, the contact of Dunta Robinson was helmet first, but it did make contact with the shoulder pad.  That does not excuse the dropping of the head and using the crown of the helmet.  The violent whipping of Jackson’s head was enough to stun him good.  Good analysis from the broadcast team.  See for yourself.

LINK to Video HERE


LINK to Video of Cribbs injury.  Again, I think that James Harrison will be getting a little lighter in the wallet.


Oakland Raiders post game injury reports only one player not able to finish, Brandon Myers with a concussion.  That would make 7 concussions today reported and an eighth that was called a “stinger”, c’mon Baltimore…


The reports are that Jackson suffered a “severe” concussion.  ALL concussions are severe and should be treated as such.  This is how we slid into this problem to begin with.  “Just got his bell rung.”  “Just a headache.”


It’s now being reported that Husain Abdullah suffered a concussion in-game vs. Dallas.  That is #8/9.


And Joseph Addai takes a jarring hit and looks a bit stunned, could this be double digits for the day?


Add Chris Cooley to the list.  Reports indicate he has a concussion.


Colts calling Addai’s injury a “shoulder”, I smell lesser of two evils on reported injuries…  Also Dallas Clark, previously listed on injury report with concussion (week 3 iirc), was slammed to turf, head first, looked woozy getting to feet.  But Clark returns after one series, good job checking him out!

========================10:37 and final

It was quite the day on the field with head injuries.  Some very questionable helmet to helmet hits.  One thing I learned today is that awareness is out there.  Concussion was a trending topic on the web today.  Thoughts are with ALL out there suffering from concussions!!!

Good Night all, we will see what the actual injury reports list.

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