NFL Concussion Tally Through Week 6/7

Well yesterday we had a barrage of head injuries and quite a few made the “National Spotlight” with the questionable helmet-to-helmet/weapon like usage leading to the injuries.

The awareness is GREAT, do rules need to change, not up to me, but they do need to enforce the rules already in place.  And when extenuating circumstances arise its needs to be punished.

If you have followed this blog since the inception you will know I keep track of the official NFL injury reports at the end of the work week when they have to be known.  Focusing on those injuries listed as “head”, “concussion”, or “migraine” I have a total number of concussions.

That number, through 6 weeks, is 40.  There was not a player listed on two separate occasions (yet).  Some have had their season ended already by concussions/head injuries.

If you add in the 10, yes 10, concussions yesterday (not all “said” to be concussions) that total is 50 in 7 weeks.  There may be more that come up, either on MNF, or disclosure later in the week.

A quick side note, the Todd Heap and Joseph Addai injuries smell of “a hockey cover up”.  Heap took a shot to the head but was listed as “stinger” and returned.  Addai took a shot to the head as well, via shoulder, and was obviously “not there”, but they listed his injury as “shoulder”.  The NFL needs to make sure all concussions are reported, correctly.

So there you go, I have the count at 50, problem, yes.

One thought on “NFL Concussion Tally Through Week 6/7

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