Outlet for Concussed High School Student

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to mention our loyal followers out there, thank you!  We get a lot of email from all sorts of places and most of it is very informative – with the occasional “will you link this” which turns out to be sports betting or worse.  I received this email a while back and while cleaning out the inbox felt compelled to share;

My name is Jacob Lichtenbaum. I am currently a senior at the Potomac School in McLean, Virginia. This semester, I’ve been writing a column about concussions in sports and also in general and your website has been a fantastic resource for me. I love the spins you guys put on all the issues and your candid, educated opinions on all concussion-related events. I especially appreciate your work because I am someone suffering from post-concussion symptoms myself.

This past summer, I suffered a concussion while participating in my varsity football training camp. You’ll be glad to know I was removed from action immediately, but my post-concussion symptoms unfortunately sidelined me for the entire season. I still experience the symptoms to this day, unfortunately with no end in sight.

I decided to write my semester-long column about concussions because I wanted Continue reading