New Link

We have linked Mom’s Team to our website after being approached by Brooke de Lench, Publisher.  Mom’s Team has been publishing information about youth concussions since 2000.

MomsTeam has oft been cited as the “pioneers in youth sport concussion information” by Dr. Bob Cantu, one of the country’s leading neurosurgeons who specializes in sports concussions. MomsTeam has been researching and writing about concussions since 2000 and to date we have more than 300 pages of current concussion information for sports parents. Also, In 2003, at the request of a number of our visitors whose children died from concussions (or other sports injuries) or who were catastrophically injured while playing sports, I established Teams of Angels as our nonprofit organization to educate and provide support to these families.

Please take time to click link to the left.  In the “Worth Surfing” section is the home page.

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