ESPN OTL on Helmets

Also on Sunday, at 9 am EST, Outside the Lines will have a show dedicated to helmets, in particular Riddell.  Although interviewed (not on camera)  for the story my opinions did not make the final cut.  Here is a preview;

Here is a quick written excerpt;

The recent concussion lawsuits by NFL players are once again raising questions about head trauma and helmet safety in professional football. In the eye of the storm is the League’s official helmet-maker, Riddell, who is also being sued and has come under fire from members of Congress for allegedly making deceptive marketing claims regarding helmet protection. Sunday on Outside the Lines, ESPN The Magazine’s senior writer Peter Keating takes a closer look at the safety claims surrounding helmets.

2 thoughts on “ESPN OTL on Helmets

  1. Joe Bloggs January 28, 2012 / 20:30

    NB: Another fine scientific effort by Collins, Lovell, Maroon and UPMC (Just pay there fee and you well get what you want [NFL, Riddell, Impact, UPMC]. One of the most misleading pieces of research used to sell lots of helmets that have been promoted to magically reduce concussion. Of course, none of them take responsibility for creating moral hazard by creating a belief that this helmet prevented concussions and therefore caused some athletes to behave in ways that risked their health. Finally, numerous parents went out and spent hundreds of dollars believing that the helmet prevented concussions when there was no evidence.

    Hopefully Senator Udall and the FTC will hold everyone to full account. Maybe start with refunds for those who bought the helment based on cooked research and full medical expenses for those who were injured.

    • Pliska January 29, 2012 / 09:16

      Well said. In the original study last decade, the researchers knew what type of helmet the athlete wore while treating them. This easily led to a biased outcome which, ironicaly, statistically showed no difference in concussion rates amongst those who wore the original Revolution helmet. The only conclusion from the original Riddell sponsored study was that you might recover more quickly in a revolution helmet. Yet, time after time, Collins “recommended” to parents to purchase and use the Riddell helmet.

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