Bowdoin College Article

The Bowdoin College Polar Bears have had their share of concussions just like the rest of the world.  Being located in Brunswick, Maine their story may not be as accessible to most.  That is why this blog exists to highlight the good things, ideas, thoughts and observations from all around.  The “Nation’s Oldest Continuously Published College Weekly”, The Bowdoin Orient ran a story about the College’s experiences with concussions.

The on-field evaluation is crucial to avoiding second concussions, but Darden was not diagnosed with a concussion at the time of her injury. Though she was enduring intense pain, Darden told the trainer that she was fine and did well enough on the evaluation to continue playing. She played for the majority of the remaining time.

“I thought I was fine. I didn’t feel dizzy…I just felt angry,” she said.

The symptoms of her concussion did not manifest themselves immediately. She was having trouble concentrating on homework the day after the game, but did not realize the seriousness of her condition until two days later.

After getting a headache during her first class, her vision became “very blurry,” and during her second class, she noticed that her hearing became “muffled.” She described it as a terrifying experience, and immediately went to see an athletic trainer.

This is a very common occurrence for athletes, making this “sub-set” of concussed individuals very unique and troublesome.  The great thing highlighted by this article is the athletic training approach and need for education on this issue.  The story also exposes us to their specific protocols with concussions, in terms of school and sports.  The fact that the entire college is on the same page with this issue is a great example of where we all need to head.

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