Editorial: Nick Mercer

Nick Mercer has concussiontalk.com and is from north of the border, so even though he does not play hockey, he is engrossed in the Canadian National Pastime.  Here is an editorial from him regarding the hit on Max Pacioretty in Montreal last week.

Don’t miss the point!

So let me get this straight: No cursing on TV, no nudity, no drug or alcohol use, because kids may see it and ‘get the wrong idea’.  However, it’s ok to show a man nearly get killed.  On the news, there’s often a warning that the upcoming story may contain scenes that are “not suitable for children”.  These are mostly scenes with blood or graphic violence.

Max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadiens, without exaggeration, was nearly killed on Tuesday night during the Bruins-Canadiens game. In case you missed it – and if you live in Canada or have access to CBC or TSN – you are fortunate enough to be able to see it ad nauseam at any time of day from every possible angle.  I am a Montreal Canadiens fan and I was watching the game when it happened.  When I saw the replay, I honestly thought his head collapsed.  I thought he was comatose.

There is plenty of blame to go around and I think that blaming Zdeno Chara (the Bruins player who hit Pacioretty) is an incredible waste of time Continue reading

This Is The Crap The NHL HAS To Stop

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE; Max Pacioretty was removed via stretcher after this hit and has been reported to be moving all extremities, and will be examined at a Montreal hospital.

No matter the level of play or circumstances surrounding the players/teams, this hit by Zdeno Chara was DEPLORABLE!!!  He is a professional hockey player and knows the rink and his size versus other players…  I wonder what the “Don Cherry” Camp has to say about this.


Disorientation Is A Symptom

In action on Tuesday night, a peculiar situation occurred where Toronto Maple Leaf Mikhail Grabovski took two hits to the head from Boston Bruin defender Zdeno Chara, the second of which resulted in some issues for Grabovski;

However both the player (Grabovski) and his general manager, Brain Burke are adamant that he did not suffer a concussion according to a Globe and Mail article.  From a PURELY observational position we noticed that he not only lost his ability to stay on skates after the second hit, his balance was disrupted enough for him to stumble getting to his skates and the bench.

Burke had this to say during a radio interview;

“And so the trainer said to him ‘Are you good to go?’ and he said yeah he got it in the jaw. He said he just got it in the jaw and was disoriented. No symptoms.”

Uhhhhhh….  Disorientation IS a symptom of brain function disruption, as well as loss of balance.  Just because he scored the game winning goal late in the 3rd does not excuse this oversight.