Zack Bowman, DB Chicago Bears

Usually I do not call into question the medical teams of professional sports unless there is a huge “red flag”.  I don’t do this to be a jerk, rather to show what the stigma of concussions really is; an uneducated population.  Case in point Zack Bowman of the Chicago Bears, who laid on the field for a period of time in the first preseason game against Buffalo after delivering a hard hit to Paul Hubbard.

Initial reports had Bowman sustaining a concussion but later that was denied by the organization and Bowman.  Granted the teams do not have to disclose injury information during the preseason this issue steams of misinformation, via (bold my emphasis);

Chicago Bears cornerback Zack Bowman said Monday he was “good to go” and didn’t suffer a concussion Saturday, but then Bowman was held out of practice. Continue reading