This is a Problem!

Opening up the email today I saw several articles sent in from various readers, a lot are very intriguing and wish I could comment on all of them, like the recent Grantland article about football collapsing, from the view of economists Tyler Cowen and Kevin Grier.  As you all know this blog is a hobby/devotion based upon free time away from job and family so I try to do my best.

HOWEVER, once in a while there are articles that I must find time for; hopefully good, but in this case a complete head scratcher.  I would like to thank a fellow athletic trainer, Brett Gustman, from Virginia for sending this my way.


If your doctor tells you that because your heart is exposed to greater danger due to some factor, he would suggest that you not eat Big Mac’s any more; would you listen to him/her?  How bout your doctor told you that going jogging on a broken ankle is a bad idea; would you listen?

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Why Did He Go Back To The Pitch?

Gael Clichy of Manchester City sustained an OBVIOUS head injury on July 24th in a match against the LA Galaxy.  Initially he was removed, however not only did he finish the first half, he continued in the second half.

This is a classic example of a situation where an athlete should be removed and not allowed to return until cleared by a physician.  Granted Clichy could have been cleared by a physician, any physician worth their salt when dealing in concussions would NOT have returned this individual with the mechanism of injury and immediate signs, forget what the reported symptoms were by Clichy.

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