Tuesday Quick Hits

College football is not immune from the incidence of concussions, although as John has shown the reported numbers seem lower.  There are reasons for this, but I will let him explain them to you more in-depth.  Regardless, the injury occurs as in the case of some “higher” profile athletes.

Justin Blackmon, possibly the best wide receiver in the country of Oklahoma State sustained a possible concussion this past Saturday and was held from practice.  This is not unusual but the term used by OSU to describe Blackmon’s injury is horrible;

Justin Blackmon was held out of Oklahoma State’s practice Sunday night after getting “dinged” in the head during the first half of Saturday’s win against Missouri.

Dinged, really?  C’mon man!!!


Soap Box Second:

Referring to concussions as a “head injury” diminishes the actual effects the injury is having.  The more prudent and descriptive term would be brain injury.  Unfortunately while listing injuries Continue reading