NFL Medical Staff Allowed to View Replays on Sideline

According to the league is going to let the head athletic trainer or head team physician to use video replay in assisting with injuries.  There are stipulations and monitoring from the league for its usage;

The league made it clear that the use of this equipment is for medical purposes only and not to gain any competitive advantage. The NFL plans to monitor the use of the video monitors and will determine if its availability will be expanded next season.

The league issued the following guidelines surrounding the equipment’s use:

» The equipment may only be used by a team physician or the head athletic trainer. Under no circumstances may coaches, players, or others have access to this equipment.
» The medical staff may only review video of a play to assist it in treating a player who suffered (or may have suffered), an injury during that play.
» The head team physician or the head athletic trainer must notify the league officiating observer in the press box prior to accessing the field video monitor.

We have clearly stated here that one of the best tools the athletic trainer has is his/her eyes and understanding the mechanism of injury.  That is why we as AT’s Continue reading