Vermont Looking to Make AT’s Mandatory

Given the current state of funds and resources for schools, it would seem this is a horrible idea.  However, it is actually needed and should be done everywhere;

According to Senate Bill No. 4, or S.4, currently sitting in the House Education Committee awaiting word on movement to the full House of Representatives, schools “shall ensure that a health care provider is present at any athletic event in which a high school athletic team participates in a collision sport.”

Granted I am a skewed voice here, but it makes almost no sense not to have an athletic trainer on site; not only for concussion – which is uber-importnant – but for the day-to-day injuries and prevention of injuries.  In the article it was noted only 14 schools in Vermont don’t have an AT, but finding one to cover will become a high priority if it becomes law;

While no one has expressed a disinterest in having such coverage, the cost has been prohibitive — “substantially huge,” according to Merriam — for many Vermont schools.

“To get even a part-timer, it’d be $10,000 minimum, but we’re looking at upwards of double that in all likelihood,” Thornton said. “I’ve researched this extensively, and it’s a challenge in itself to get one to come to our school.”

In all honesty it’s about the money…  How much would you pay to keep your child as safe as possible?  How much should you invest to keep liability down and safety up for all students?

Would you send you kids to a pool without a life guard?  Why would you send you kids to collision sports with out an athletic trainer?