SLU Helping the Invisible Injury of Vets

Photo Courtesy of US Dept. of Defense

P. Tyler Roskos of St. Louis University is concerned with the “invisible injury” of traumatic brain injury or concussions that our service men and women suffer while in action.

Each year, 1.5 million Americans suffer non-fatal brain injuries, and three-quarters of those injuries are mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion. A RAND Corporation survey of 1,965 service members who had been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan found that 19 percent reported probable traumatic brain injury.

The problem is that this is not an injury that everyone can see.  Heck, even those that have the ailment don’t realize the problems.  Things such as sleep disturbance, depression, and altered state of being are signs of this horrible issue.  Dr. Roskos provides help in this area and suggests the following broad steps (detailed further in the full article at Health Canal);

  • Be Patient
  • Seek Treatment
  • Talk With Other Vets
  • Enlist Help Reentering Workforce

This is a project funded by the United States Department of Defense, and in a week where we honor those serving our country, this needs to be a high priority.