Possible treatment for concussion?

As we progress on the concussion front there are many aspects of this PROCESS that we are still finding out about.  One of the most pressing is how to treat the after-effects of the injury.  Current management can help abate the symptoms of roughly 85% of those suffering from the injury, for the other 15% there are few “treatments” that have worked across the board.  Off label use of FDA approved drugs has shown promise for some, like Hillary Werth;

Werth, a brakeman who was considered an Olympic hopeful, had her bobsledding career cut short by a series of concussions she suffered while competing in Germany and Canada.

Despite the injuries, she said she doesn’t regret her relatively brief time with the team. And she is thankful for the novel intravenous treatments she received after the concussions — treatments for which scientists are seeking Food and Drug Administration approval because they believe millions of stroke patients across the country could benefit. Continue reading