Edit: Matthew Gfeller Center Hosting Symposium

The National Sports Concussion Cooperative (NSCC) that was launched in March is meeting up as the Matthew Gfeller Cetner is hosting a symposium this upcoming weekend.  The NSCC is championed by;

These four entities have come together for the goal of reducing the incidence of sports-related concussions with the formation of a cooperative to bring interdisciplinary collaboration to concussion research and testing.

The National Sports Concussion Cooperative will hold its founding organizational meeting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on May 2, 2011, to develop an agenda by which it will identify the most pressing concussion objectives in sports and set a course for assessing their significance through research and peer review. After the meeting, additional partners will be engaged to consider joining the collaborative effort and finalize the objectives for each stakeholder group.

The event this weekend, April 29 and 30, titled “Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related Neurotrauma Symposium”, will bring together “experts” within the field of research, clinical and equipment manufacturing to share their thoughts on the concussion issue.  The chair for the symposium is Jason Mihalik, Ph.D., any media requests for him should be directed to Patric Lane, (919) 962-8596, patric_lane@unc.edu.

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Univ. of North Carolina Model

Under the direction of a leader in the sport concussion world, Kevin Guskiewitz, the University of North Carolina (Tar Heels) have put together a model for dealing with concussions that the NCAA is now recommending as the suggested protocol.

While the NFL has been out in the media promoting this issue and seeing players in the popular league on a weekly basis get hurt, the news is there.  But quietly and effectively the NCAA is also tackling this problem head on (pun intended).  Committees have been working on getting a solid concussion model in place as soon as possible.  Which with 500+ schools under their blanket can be tough.

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