NSCC: Symposium On Recent Findings

The National Sports Concussion Cooperative will be hosting a symposium on Thursday June 2nd in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The event will be held on the campus of UNC at Chapel Hill at a location to be determined.  According to the press release;

Panel discussions will address Virginia Tech STAR rating system, concussion legislation, sports medicine and coaching for optimum player safety and parental interests

The key-note speaker is Stefan Duma, PhD, Biomedical Engineering of Virgina Tech who was the lead on the recent helmet rating study.  Other representatives at the symposium will include;

  • Grant Teaff – American Football Coaches Association
  • Mike Oliver – NOCSAE
  • Jason Mihalik – Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Rawlings, Riddell, and others – Helmet Manufacturers
  • National Conference of State Legislature
  • Matthew Gfeller Foundation

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