Will Football End? Not Because of Lawsuits

I was interviewed for a piece on Slate by Will Oremus on how it’s not the lawsuits for individuals that will cascade and make football go away.  Rather, it will be the lack of action by organizing groups and those that sanction the sport that could create suits against them that will make the game disappear.

For the record I love the sport of football, I truly believe it has its place in our culture and should not be “banned”.  Football has positive attributes that were discussed in the debate by Tim Green and Jason Whitlock, it too has its undesirable side as well (for the purpose of this blog it is injuries, catastrophic ones at that).

Oremus took a look from a different angle, one that makes a whole lot of sense;

It seems obvious that suing coaches and trainers like Dustin Fink, while holding institutions unaccountable, can’t be the answer to reforming football. Going after individual high schools and colleges isn’t much better. If the evidence that even small hits can cause permanent damage keeps mounting, people will start to ask whether fielding an amateur football team constitutes gross negligence in itself.

The answer to that question should come not from the courts but from high-school athletic conferences, Continue reading

INDYCAR Concussion Question UPDATE

UPDATE 6/24 12:28 CST: According to @djcraske de Silvestro has NOT been cleared to race in Iowa this weekend, and will not attempt.  Repeating, after this story, Simona de Silvestro will not be cleared to race in Iowa, even though she did 24 hours following the concussion…

UPDATE #2 6/24 12:35 CST: RT@djcraske Credit to both her & HVM Racing. She went to medical on own accord, they ran IMPACT tests – denied. Next race July 10.

UPDATE #3 6/24 12:41 CST: And the image of de Silvestro was blocked for use, sorry honest mistake…

UPDATE #4 6/24 1:11 CST: Thanks to @djcraske, once again for allowing me to use one of his pictures!!!

If you recall prior to the Indy 500, during qualifications, Ho-Pin Tung was disallowed to race after a concussion during an accident.  Also during that qualification, the new “darling” of IndyCar Simona de Silvestro, had an accident but reports only had (only in air quotes) 2nd and 3rd degree burns to contend with.  However if you look at the two crashes you will notice that both were of considerable force, and some have even commented that the de Silvestro crash was seemingly worse.  (These are people affectionately know as “gear heads” who follow the sport much closer than I).

Thanks do @djcraske and his very intimate following of INDYCAR he had these observations;

Now, that accident was nothing of her doing whatsoever. Something obviously broke in the left rear, and she was a passenger. 99.9999% of the world’s population would’ve left skidmarks in their drawers after something like that. She suffered 2nd/3rd degree burns on her hands, and must wear gloves for one year. To her credit, she qualified for the 500.

During the 500, she whitewalled Turn 1 on Lap 3 or so, and struggled with the car. She was in/out of the pits often, and finally retired after 44 laps, finishing 31st.

During the Texas Twin 275’s, she didn’t have much of a car there, finishing back in 27th & 28th place. Still, some said she was still a little spooked after the Indy accident.

Fast forward to last weekend’s race at Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Mile is one of the trickest ovals in INDYCAR, because it really does drive like a road course. During practice, this happens: Continue reading