Tuesday Quick Hits

Dorsey Levens has produced a video titled “Bell-Rung” (video preview previous post).  This documentary takes a look at some Atlanta area NFL’ers and their battle with the brain injuries associated with football.  Along with the video you will see in the USA Today article that players are more concerned about awareness and long-term health help from the league;

“The lawsuit is more about raising awareness on concussions and trying to light a fire under the NFL to help these guys who are struggling,” said Levens, a Comcast Southeast NFL analyst. “I found there’s a great need for guys, especially with health care.

“You envision playing pro football for however many years; making some good money; retiring and enjoying life. And the quality of life is not what it needs to be for a lot of these guys.

“I’m just trying to get them the medical help they need — sooner than later.”


The AP produced some results from a survey about concussions in the NFL; Continue reading