Rypien Led Lawsuit

With the most recent filing it brings the total number to approximately 960 former players; Mark Rypien might be the biggest known name as a former Super Bowl MVP but there are other players in the suit as well.  Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports wrote about the recent suit, noteworthy in the article are the quotes from Tony Mandarich.  Mandarich claims this is not a money grab and has joined the suit because he feels the NFL knew of lasting damage during his playing days and it was never disclosed;

“My main objective is, if they knew about it, they should have been disclosed to us,” Mandarich said. “It would have probably prompted more action like [there is] today in the NFL.”

Mandarich estimated that he suffered six or seven concussions during his six-year career, and as a result, he’s become yet another cautionary tale in the battle to further concussion awareness.

“I don’t want to say recently, but for years I have taken medication for [depression],” Mandarich told Weber. Mandarich also said he also suffers from short-term memory loss and affected speech.

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