#tbt Post: Friday Night Lights

This “throwback Thursday” thing is kinda cool for a guy that has a ton of stuff on this site that new people may have missed.  With that I will attempt to drudge up some “oldies-but-goodies” for you the audience.  I am certain I will re-read some of this and laugh at myself or have changed in the way of thinking but I will leave it as it was originally printed.

This weeks post comes from the very first month of this blog, September, 2010.  Back then, when the concussion information on the world-wide web was hard to find I was blogging my experiences on the field as an athletic trainer.  It is funny reading back on these as you can see my knowledge grow as well as how policies were set.  Enjoy, including the REALLY horrible writing style (wow, it was bad).


Lets just begin by saying we did not have to travel to an emergency department last friday.  That being said there were some lost opportunities for the team to get an underdog victory.  The kids played hard, in a hard-hitting game, so the Continue reading