Live Blog of SPCN TV Webinar

I don’t know how else to bring you raw, unfiltered thoughts other than trying to blog live.  Essentially I believe you will be seeing notes about what I am taking in.  Disclaimer: if you have not followed me until now, you will notice sarcasm and an attempt at humor…  But they will be genuine feelings and opinions.  THESE ARE MY OPINIONS AND MINE ALONE.  However if you feel that you want to express anything, please do so via the comment button.  I will be putting the information from most recent to first, you will have to scroll to see the beginning…  Here we go!!!———————————————————————————————————————


The panel continues, but I have to run to do my duties as an athletic trainer.  Thanks for reading and hope that you get the chance to see the webinar.  Would love to hear any comments.


Erb talks about rules, spearing is a huge issue, intentional or unintentional.  Athletes are bigger, stronger, faster and still growing, and the game has become more wide open.  Erb touches on mouth guards, chin straps, and officials…  Then opens up on the media….


Q: What role does EMS have in this issue?

A: Joe Clark, they should only be involved in the transport, spine boarding, etc.  The athletic trainers need to approach the EMT’s/Ambulance crew prior to the event.  “The athletic trainer is in control of the scene until the EMS has arrived or called onto the field.”

I need more Joe Clark’s in this world!!!

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