CFL and Football Canada Team Up

The Canadian Football League has been very progressive with concussion awareness, in fact it would be factual to say the CFL has been the most progressive in North America in the sport of football.  The eight-team league instituted a standardized sideline test for concussions last year, the SCAT2; and this year they will use tracking software for concussions.  Not unlike the CDC in the States, the CFL and its partners will be distributing educational information via flyers and handouts.  Thanks to SportMed BC we were given the story;

The goal is to educate players and coaches at all levels and dispel any remnants of the old-school gridiron habits where players made premature returns to the field.

“I think that culture has shifted,” CFL commissioner Mark Cohon said Tuesday. “I think that concept has shifted and these guys want to live long and healthy lives. And part of that is managing concussions.”

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ThinkFirst and AANS in Denver; Recap

Heading into the travel and event I really did not know what to expect, the possibilities were pretty much endless.  The biggest fear I had was making a fool of myself, or my message being missed by the audience.  Knowing what ThinkFirst was all about those fears were minimal, and the opportunity to speak not only as an athletic trainer, but as a “VIP” was exciting.

I was following the keynote speaker on concussions for their conference, Don Gerber, Psy. D from Craig Hospital in Denver, I did not want to “re-lecture” on his material.  In fact his information was some of the best I have ever seen presented about the concussion injury and its management.  So concise and clear, yet had drops of biochemistry and advanced physiology, painting an entire picture of this injury.  What makes his material even more convincing to me is that he still currently plays competitive rugby, a collision sport.  Not only does he work in the area but he gets to see injuries first hand and understand the “athlete’s perspective” when dealing with the injury.  I even made mention to my wife that “I wished that his material was presented more frequently”; it can easily be consumed by the layman and the professional, and the information is clearly up-to-date.  After his presentation there were many questions for him, and EVERY SINGLE Continue reading

Off To Speak (UPDATE)

UPDATE (Sunday):  What a wonderful day, some GREAT people have some great information to share, I hope to bring you a recap tomorrow before or after travel…


Today I am traveling back home, well my former home, Denver for a speaking engagement.  The event is the national ThinkFirst annual meeting, and I will be on a panel discussing concussions.  I feel very honored to be speaking to a distinguished audience and hope that I have something to offer all of them.

After the speaking engagement I have been invited to the American Academy of Neurological Surgeon’s opening gala for their annual meeting, also in Denver.  This will be exciting to be mingling amongst people 7,000 times smarter than I; maybe I can get smarter by osmosis?  hahaha

I will be taking notes and attempt to give a recap next week.  If anyone that reads this is going to be in attendance, drop me an email and we can converse.  My panel discussion begins at 9:45am on Sunday.