Polamalu – I Hear You

Troy Polamalu the recent poster boy for concussion management has spoken for the first time since the  “concussion-like” spell.  He was interviewed via The Republic and had some very salient comments;

“I’m well aware of the research, well aware of the frenzy that’s kind of surrounded this particular injury,” he added. “I also realize that with the amount that I have had that I’m probably under a lot more scrutiny, and we’re under a lot more scrutiny than other organizations.”

I have always thought of Polamalu as someone who is of full capacity and really, an over all a competitor.  There inlays the struggle of athletes, playing hurt.  But are concussions an injury you can play hurt though?  As of now there is ZERO indication that this should even be considered for adolescents.  Professional athletes are adults and as we can see from the above comment aware, but they are making a living. Continue reading