Natasha’s Law: TX HB2038

The Texas Governor has signed the concussion legislation into law, it is called Natasha’s Law; named after Natasha Helmick a very strong advocate for this legislation.

We happened upon this legislative piece when we were examining the Illinois process, and felt it was very good and forward thinking.  The highlights again include;

  • Concussion Management Team
  • Removal from Play
  • Waiver and Graded Protocol to Return to Play
  • Specific Education/Training for all HCP’s
  • State Wide Tracking/Logging of Concussions

The full text of the TX Bill can be seen at that link.  Texas is now the 21st state with enacted legislation.

TX HB2038

The Texas legislation pertaining to concussions is moving through the House and off to the Senate floor very soon.  It has been passed by sweeping margins to this point.

TX Bill full text can be seen at link.

We have highlighted this bill previously and here are the highlights;

  • Concussion Management Team: to include physician and at least on of the following; athletic trainer, nuerophycologist, advanced practice nurse
  • Concussion Education: for all those on the CMT, and has to be done every two years
  • Clearance: physician only after removal, signed informed consent from parents/guardians (no coach can clear)
  • Informed Consent: schools to create an informed consent paper to be signed by parents and athletes

Texas has taken a step further in the management system, and it also included junior high school athletes as well.  So far this bill stands up next to Colorado’s in terms of its comprehensive coverage and specific language.  We will keep you posted on its travels though the chambers.