New Website To Visit

Brandon Drummond and Anthony Fiume have been working hard on a campaign to help spread the word about concussion awareness.  They developed Save Your Brain (SYB) awhile back but now have worked hard enough to launch their website,

The Concussion Blog is pleased to announce that we are collaborating with SYB both in news gathering/education and as an advisor for the campaign.  We truly appreciate everything that Brandon and Anthony have done to further the awareness cause.

Make their website a destination!

SYB Wristbands Available Online

The fundraising of Save Your Brain via their We ❤ Brain wristband is now available for purchase online.  Simply go to the Facebook page and click on the “Get Your Gear” tab on the left hand side.  It is that easy!  From Brandon Drummond;

We figured out a way to sell the wristbands online. If you click the “Get The Gear” tab on our facebook fanpage you can purchase them right on fbook via paypal. If you “like” the fanpage and store you get $1 off each wristband.

Go there and get yours.  Also a reminder to those in the Illinois/Midwest I have some for purchase as well, let me know via email.  I have been sporting mine, get yours!!!

Wristband for Concussion Cause

We have highlighted the works of good people on the website many times.  I am particularly excited to promote Save Your Brain once again.  This time for their wristband campaign.  Gonoude’s previous write-up was excellent (see here), but we may have missed the opportunity for anyone to feel a part of the cause.

I spoke with Brandon Drummond (co-founder) of SYB and wanted to help out with spreading the word on the “bling” anyone can purchase.  Neither us nor SYB has the means currently to purchase them through a website, but you can contact them directly at to purchase the bands (make sure you indicate you were referred via The Concussion Blog), I believe they are $5 each with shipping and handling as necessary (picture below).  Here is a quick quote from SYB about their wristbands; Continue reading