NFL Concussions Week 3

This is from the official injury report distributed by the NFL

Players listed with injury of concussion or head that are probable;

  • Kevin Boss, TE, NYG
  • Evan Moore, TE, CLE
  • Jason Witten, TE, DAL
  • Stewart Bradley, LB, PHI
  • Kevin Kolb, QB, PHI

Players listed with injury of concussion or head that are questionable or worse;

  • Carlton Mitchel, WR, CLE
  • Zack Follett, LB, DET
  • Randall Gay, CB, NO
  • Anthony Bryant, DT, WAS
  • Craig Dahl, S, STL
  • Will Davis, LB, ARI

Stewart Bradley Video

For all those that may have missed it here is the video of Stewart Bradley after the hit that he sustained the concussion on…


Eagles Medical Staff Under Fire (Cont.)

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On Monday we ran a story about how the Philadelphia Eagles handled the concussions of Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley.  Of note was Stewart Bradley and his “punch-drunk” appearance then returning in two plays to make a tackle.

Per current guidelines for head injuries Bradley should have been evaluated before returning, which the Eagles say they did.  However if you put a stop watch on the time Bradley was out it was not over four minutes.  I don’t care how good you are at concussions, FOUR minutes is NOT SUFFICIENT enough time to properly evaluate a head injury.  Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles Medical Staff Under Fire

The Eagles’ team doctors and medical staff was cleared of wrong-doing when dealing with on the field concussions.  NFLPA Medical Director Dr. Thom Mayer determined that the medical staff followed proper procedures.  The return-to-play guidelines for the NFL are not un-similar to general guidelines for all athletes.

The issue arose when Stewart Bradley took a hit and struggled to get to his feet, and when he did, he did his best interpretation of a “punch-drunk” boxer.  That was an OBVIOUS sign of a mTBI/Concussion and should have been disqualified from further activity.  However, the medical staff did not see any of this as they were tending to a previous head injury sustained by Kevin Kolb.  Both players returned to play in the 2nd quarter and did not play again after the half.

According to the linked article, courtesy of ESPN and Sal Paolantonio, both players regressed in their initial on the field evaluation during half time, and were sidelined.

Andy Reid, the Eagles head coach, was also supportive of the initial decision for them to return-to-play.  Now the team will not practice either player until Friday at the earliest and continue to monitor their injuries.

As one can see there are issues with the RTP of concussions, at all levels.  But more importantly we can see that the injury known as a concussion is very different in presentation and resolving.  The great thing is that more and more people are aware, the next step is getting a policy in place that everyone can agree on.