Helmet Minutia: What you need to know

I was dropped a line from a source back home (OK my dad) about reports recently on the news in Denver.  Here is the LINK to the 9news story that prompted my father to send the info.  I found the report very informative and brought forth many angles on the story of helmets.

Meanwhile I also was given information from other coaches and followers about other press-type people asking for helmet information in Missouri, Georgia and Louisiana to name a few.

Who is behind all of this information gathering, I have not had it confirmed, but from the people I have been in contact with, Virginia Tech keeps getting mentioned.  I don’t know if this is because of the Star Rating System or if there is a PR campaign being driven by VT and the researchers.  Regardless this seems interesting to me on many levels.

What you need to know is simple and is as follows (of course in my opinion):

  • Helmets were never designed to prevent concussions
  • Helmet fit is currently the key to proper protection
  • Physics and anatomy/physiology currently limit helmets from providing concussion protection alone  Continue reading

Other Side of the Coin in Va Tech Helmet Ratings UPDATE

We have highlighted the work done by Stefan Duma of Virgina Tech on the STAR rating system for helmets.  I have said that a proper system to help with informed buying is key for education and awareness purposes.  I continue to believe that Duma’s work is a good start as it relates to this, however there are some flaws.  The Concussion Blog was created to bring awareness on all fronts, whether I agree with it or not.  There are always opposing view points and we are willing to listen to all of them, the comment section is a prime example of this.

Staying with the goals of the blog I received an op-ed piece from Schutt about the STAR rating system, I feel it is both important to publish and reflect on the information.  Below is the full article along with contact information if you have questions; Continue reading