Recently I have had a few more concussions than usual.  Along with that I have had parents really struggling to understand the recommendations I have given them.  The restrictions seem very harsh, they tell me, or they are confused because their doctor did not recommend the same.

Here are some guidelines from St. Vincent Sports Performance of Indianapolis

For someone diagnosed with a concussion, increasing the blood flow to the brain through physical or mental exercise can destroy vulnerable and damaged brain cells, slowing down recovery. The following guidelines help an athlete recover faster from the injury:

» Do not attend school.

» No extended reading.

» No video games.

» No MP3 or iPod use.

» No walking the dog.

» No movies.

» No PSAT or SAT tests.

» No computer use.

» No text messaging.

» No socializing with friends.

» No school functions.

» Use sunglasses in bright environments.

» When the athlete no longer has a headache, he or she can return to school gradually, attending class until symptoms return. After 48 hours pass without any symptoms, a doctor will begin a treatment that allows an athlete to return to the field.