Footy Concussion Report Round 11

he Concussion Blog is now tracking the concussions of another collision sport, one with very good media coverage, albeit not in North America.  Aussie Rules Football and its professional league AFL have had an issue with concussion in the past and as we have seen on videos here, they can be scary.  With the help of Sportal we will be compiling the concussions on a weekly basis.The AFL is nearing the halfway point in the regular season and the concussions listed are starting to trickle in.  However I believe that some teams are following the “script” of NFL teams by not releasing the information if the players miraculously recovering in 5 days.  That “script” would be not releasing the information about the injury if it is not going to effect the upcoming game.

This week there was one “officially” listed and the other occurred on the same team in the same game but has not been reported as a concussion.  However that injury was documented in an article that stated he was hit in the head, removed on a stretcher, went to hospital, and his neck was cleared; guess what the injury is listed as…  “neck”; SMH! Below is the video of the “neck” injury, Goddard looks to have a “stinger” mechanism of injury, however the knock was to the head, and from further reports the injury was suspected to include his head.

So for this report the new listings are from St. Kilda; Continue reading