Radio Interview: Matt Chaney

Matt has become a contributor here on the blog and I enjoy the work he has done not only for The Concussion Blog but for everyone.  It’s not a secret that a bit of Matt goes a long way, to say he is opinionated would be a complete understatement.  Matt has very valuable insight into many things; performance enhancing drugs (his book Spiral of Denial is a must read), catastrophic injuries and concussions.  He has lived all of them, making what he has to say valuable.  Just like what I write or opine on, you can take it however you choose but make sure you try to find the salient points.  As many have told me, it’s not the message that is incorrect, rather the way you are conveying the message.

Matt had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Bob Weil out of Chicago regarding all things Matt Chaney.

You can listen HERE.

Laws and Mandates Not Enough

According to Matt Chaney, a pseudo-contributor to The Concussion Blog and an individual who’s thoughts I respect, the bills and mandates being voted upon are not enough;

What is the National Football League up to?

Who do NFL yaks think they are, pushing the 50 states and District of Columbia to burden schools with fresh bureaucracy and expense by passing youth concussion laws that offer minimal protection while raising legal stakes?

A phat-assed, billion-dollar entertainment conglomerate dictates need for vital, cash-strapped public education?

NFL yaks in their glass tower still don’t get everyday America. They should grasp current news besides droning sports trivia, like several states’ succumbing to bankruptcy while all scrape to fund education, police and fire protection, water and sewer, and roads and bridges, among our necessities suffering shortfall.

Matt has a passion that is very palpable not only for the safety of kids Continue reading