Getting It Across

(Project Brain Wave) In June, the Newfoundland and Labrador Brain Injury Association, of which I am on the Board, is holding a symposium-type event to discuss brain injury, who it affects and how we think we can help people in the province. I have been asked to talk about my experiences, so now, I am writing and gathering ideas – from previous posts on this blog and from my mind – so that I can talk about my brain injury, my recovery and the struggles and opportunities that have come out of my experiences. I have named my talk: (Brain injury) Recovery experiences, challenges and new opportunities. Now it’s just a matter of putting this all together.

Before my brain injury I wasn’t a very confident speaker, but once I got going, my nervousness would disguise itself as confidence and I could ramble and bullshit my way through a lot. I have almost the opposite problem now; Now, my speech belies my confidence (this is unfortunately true in more situations than public speaking) and there’s a lot for me to talk about on this subject.

I am very excited about talking about this and I’ve got to make some decisions to keep the audience interested. Here’s the way I see it:
  1. Most people reading this blog are my friends and you may be interested to hear my thoughts because most of you knew me before I was injured and want to know how I feel now and what’s changed for me personally. I can’t thank you enough for your support during and since. Thanks so much everyone!
  2. You’re the audience for this blog, not for my talk in June. That talk is for people who — Continue reading

Off To Speak (UPDATE)

UPDATE (Sunday):  What a wonderful day, some GREAT people have some great information to share, I hope to bring you a recap tomorrow before or after travel…


Today I am traveling back home, well my former home, Denver for a speaking engagement.  The event is the national ThinkFirst annual meeting, and I will be on a panel discussing concussions.  I feel very honored to be speaking to a distinguished audience and hope that I have something to offer all of them.

After the speaking engagement I have been invited to the American Academy of Neurological Surgeon’s opening gala for their annual meeting, also in Denver.  This will be exciting to be mingling amongst people 7,000 times smarter than I; maybe I can get smarter by osmosis?  hahaha

I will be taking notes and attempt to give a recap next week.  If anyone that reads this is going to be in attendance, drop me an email and we can converse.  My panel discussion begins at 9:45am on Sunday.