Crosby Issue “Not a concussion”??

The most scrutinized concussion of all-time has now evolved into something completely different.  With this new information how many people will be rushing out to spinal trauma experts to find out if they are dealing with this “soft tissue” injury?  If nothing else this has provided some hope for Sidney Crosby, especially after it was again confirmed that he did not have any evidence of a neck fracture;

“There’s a pretty big possibility that I could be causing some of the issues and I hope that’s the case,” Crosby said. “I hope that it’ll improve and that’s hopefully the end of it.”

BE CAREFUL, although his team of experts have now ‘discovered’ this issue (can someone provide us with specifics including an actual diagnosis) Sidney Crosby did/still has a brain injury.

With this injury to the neck it is a wonder that Continue reading