TCB Mailbag: The Weekend Warrior

It is a good thing to get questions in the inbox; more people wanting to find out more information about concussions.  That being said, as I state in the replies, a medical doctor should be the one to go to with problems with head injuries.  Use that as a base to all the “information and advice” that follows.  We will run the mailbag as a main theme presents itself; this edition will be about “The Weekend Warrior” or non-sanctioned athlete.  If you have questions and want them addressed in my professional, and sometimes comedic, opinion send it TO US.

We will begin with “T-Money”:

So I am playing some beer league softball and roving the outfield like Jim Edmonds in the early 00’s.  A ball is hit to the gap and I take off like a bullet and as the ball approaches the ground I dive and make the grab, well I guess I did.  I do not actually recall making the grab only opening my eyes and seeing the ball in the glove and everything was yellow.  Not a sunny yellow but the yellow of a softball.  I thought it was just because I was looking at the ball, but it was a night game and after I threw the ball to a teammate from my bum I tried to stand up.  And couldn’t, not that I was dizzy, but just didn’t have the power and the yellowness of my vision was very perplexing.  I figure I just got dinged a bit, what are your thoughts, and I did catch the ball!  By the way the yellowness went away after about five minutes.

Nice catch man, hope it was worth it!  This “ding” you are describing is a concussion; altered brain function.  You have described vision impairment (was the yellow like those cool Oakley’s?), memory impairment with a lapse in time, and unable to get up immediately, some motor impairment.  It sounds like you got home OK, but you best bet would be to lay low for a couple of days and let the symptoms die down.  If you are already taking fish oil, bump up your dosage for about a week and monitor your symptoms.  Seek a doctor that has experience in concussions with worsening symptoms, and head to the ER if symptoms become very worrisome.


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