SD a Signature Away & IL Makes Changes

We highlighted, a while back, South Dakota pushing a bill through the state legislature, but as of today it only needs the Governor’s signature.  It is not without some questions, like the Illinois bill.

Senate Bill 149, also known as concussion legislation, is now on its way to the Governor’s desk for his signature. But those who support the bill say there’s still more to be done.

Kelli Grant of discussed the “shortfalls” with the bill, granted this move is a great start.  The main issue, just like Illinois is that the proposed bill only INCLUDES high school athletes sanctioned by the state association.  There is no mechanism for sports that are “club” or for those kids younger than high school age.

I was interviewed yesterday by a local TV station (WAND), about the bill in Illinois and how it can help the young athletes, and I made the same point that the article from South Dakota was making.  It is a great start, for both SD and IL, but if lawmakers are truly concerned for the safety of youth athletes more should be done.


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