Wrestling Concussion Aftermath



Concussions in wrestling are a concern, they happen less often as other sports, but when they do there is a small window for the athletic trainer to determine if the injury warrants removal.  In the amateur sport of wrestling the head is both exposed and sustains frequent contact, why we don’t see more is amazing (there has to be a reason).  That is not the point of this post, rather an instance of a concussion and its uncertain aftermath.


Demond Davis, a high school wrestler in Georgia was continuing his exceptional career and closing out his home meets with a senior night match, when it happened;

The day of the wrestling match, Demond had been texting his mother to see if she was able to leave work early and make it to his match.

Davis is a single mom who works hard to support Demond and his 13-year-old brother. But that night, the seniors on the wrestling team were going to be recognized in a special half-time ceremony and Demond really wanted her to be there.

Her phone rang at 6 p.m., but this time it wasn’t Demond.

It was the frightened athletic trainer.

Demond had been hit hard. His opponent from McIntosh County Academy had reportedly grabbed his left hand and thrown Demond’s left shoulder hard into the mat. He was rattled by the illegal move, but after being checked by the athletic trainer, Demond went back in for the win.

He got into position, and for the second time Demond was thrown hard into the mat. But this time he took direct blows to his head and left shoulder.

Something was really wrong. An ambulance was called. Demond’s season was over.

His mother rushed to the school where all he could do was communicate Continue reading