Big Hits Broken Dreams (via YouTube)

If you need this in your arsenal to help with awareness, which I highly suggest, here you go.  Thanks to @babyj9210 for passing this along.  Here is the Sanjay Gupta CNN Special “Big Hits Broken Dreams” in full.

Follow Up Story On Gupta Show

CNN presented an article today to outline the upcoming show on Sunday;

“You expect a pristine brain. I saw a brain that was riddled with tau proteins. I was stunned at how similar that brain was to the boxers who lived into their 70s,” she said. Tau proteins are the same type of proteins found in brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

We have also highlighted the tragic story of Nathan Stiles here.  Remember to set you DVR if you are looking for more insight into this issue. (Thanks MS for the email).

Sanjay Gupta Special Sunday

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a practicing neurosurgeon and most well-known for his reporting on CNN will be hosting a one hour special on concussions this Sunday at 8pm EST;

Gupta’s special notes that for years, the impact of concussions was more anecdotal. Now there is greater  understanding how dangerous concussions can be for a high school player, whose brain is still developing, to get hit again before a concussion had healed.

Gupta talks to A.J. Flores, one of Waller’s teammates, who had six concussions before he was forced to quit the sport. He suffered from mild traumatic brain injury, which included headaches and emotional irritability.

Coy Wire, a former linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons until 2010, watched the special at Midtown Art Cinema. During a post-screening panel, he said as he learned more about the impact of concussions, he has become more nervous about his post-football future.

Dr. Gupta held a pre-screening recently in Atlanta on Tuesday, here is the write-up/preview.  Set your DVR’s or plan on some time in front of the TV, it will be interesting to see his take on the issue.