Advocates for Injured Athletes

Beth and Tommy Mallon have a story to tell; it’s a story they hope will help protect youth athletes across the nation.  The mother-son duo has launched Advocates for Injured Athletes based out of San Diego, California.  Their goal: have a certified athletic trainer at every high school in America.

Tommy was a high school lacrosse player going for a ball when he and an opponent collided in a seemingly simple collision that would change lives permanently.  Luckily for Tommy, the certified athletic trainer present at the event would not allow Tommy to get up.  Riki Kirchhoff, ATC quickly and accurately assessed the situation and determined that Tommy had suffered a serious injury to his neck.

Here is a part of a post made on Tommy’s blog the day after the injury:

As many of you know already, Tommy broke his neck (in a lacrosse game yesterday) and is in the ICU where he is in the process being stabilized.  Tommy broke his neck at C-1, the very first vertebrae where the skull and the spine connect. We were very fortunate that Rikki (our trainer) was on hand at the game to prevent what most commonly happens in such injuries, spinal cord damage – our heart felt thanks to Rikki for her professionalism and smarts to do what was best for Tommy.  Continue reading

Greater Awareness Leads to Increase in Hospital Visits

Some North County hospitals, like those in the rest of the country, are seeing a spike in emergency room visits by young athletes who may have concussions, a sign that parents and students are taking head injuries more seriously than ever before.

North County Times, out of San Diego, CA ran this story about the increase in visits to the hospital for possible concussions.

They also cited a Pediatrics study, recently found in the journal, saying that hospital visits for possible concussion has doubled-tripled in the ten-year span of the study (1997-2007).

Awareness is getting better!