The Winter Wednesday’s

The football season is in its waning phases, however that does not mean the concussion risk is gone.  Yes, it will be reduced slightly, but awareness is continued and the importance of an athletic trainer is underscored more.  During the winter months we will spend time blogging about the life of an athletic trainer, what I do, and what we can do for schools.

Recently I sent out a tweet about wrestling and that I have “issues” with injury time.  I love wrestling, no it’s not the WWE version, it is Folk Style, and the pure athleticism that is needed for this is amazing.  Not only must you defeat your opponent but you must defeat yourself doubts, a great sport.  The issue I have is the limited time you have to assess an injury.  If you think something like football is demanding to make a judgement, try this on for size…  You get a minute and a half, 90 seconds, to determine what is wrong and if they can continue.  Not only that you must apply any bracing/taping in that 90 seconds.  For most injuries like a knee, ankle, or elbow that can be done, but with a concussion NOT A CHANCE.  In this sport you get 5 minutes of “blood time”, to stop and bandage any blood, but for injuries you get 90 seconds.  Oh, I failed to mention, that time is not for each incidence, but rather cumulative for the entire match, and with injuries you can only stop twice the third constitutes a DQ.

I completely understand the nature and spirit of the rule, they do not want wrestlers taking advantage of stoppages in the match as conditioning is a HUGE part of the sport.  And as I mentioned with most injuries it’s not an issue, but the concussion is troublesome.  The easy answer is to just remove the wrestler if he hits his head hard enough to produce symptoms, dully noted and done on my part.  However, what do you do with the individual Continue reading