Forget Organized Sports For A Second

The concussion and head trauma issue has centered on organized sports, mainly football and hockey in North America.  Granted those are collision sports with a high propensity of traumatic events, but what about the activities that our children partake in on a daily basis.  At parks, streets, parking lots, and private property the youth is exposed to concussion/head trauma risks.  This information was brought to my attention by Sal Marinello, CSCS, CPT in response to the Matt Chaney post, thanks Sal.

In 2008 93 kids under the age of 15 were killed in bicycle accidents while a staggering 13,000 were injured, 62% of the injuries and deaths were due to head injuries.  This has been the reason for wearing helmets, especially for the youth.  These numbers probably don’t take into consideration the accidents that occur where a person may walk away and not seek treatment.  The ol’ bump on the head injury is of particular concern.

Bikes are not the only issue, skateboards and other wheeled activities have a high incidence as well.  According to Continue reading