Basketball Season

While all the focus is on football there are other sports that have the ability to create the injury we know as a concussion.  In fact all of them can but one sport in particular may be lurking in the shadows, basketball.  It arguably has some of the highest participation levels in all of sport, from the multi-million dollar professional, to the high school level, to pre-K participation and even the rec-league pick up game at your local court or church.  It is most definitely time to look at the sport of basketball.

Basketball does have its inherent risks associated with head injury; flying elbows, knocking heads and even making contact with the floor.  On Thursday Jeremiah Rivers of Indiana University was led into a screen while playing defense and his head made contact with Mike Tisdale of the University of Illinois, causing Rivers to double over and remain stunned for a short time.  That would be an obvious situation where your head would be in danger on the hardwood.  The not so obvious is the surface they play on, typically a neatly painted (Oregon not withstanding) shiny court made of hard wood.  Let us examine a specific example of how the hardwood could cause a problem.

Demitri McCamey is perhaps the best and most talented player on the University of Illinois basketball team, he is averaging the most minutes (33.2) and most points (15.1) per game.  Continue reading