Questions in Pittsburgh

The handling of concussions in professional sports have been the easy target of people like me in the past.  The hope was that with more stringent safeguards and protocols that this would not be an issue for much longer.  The NFL has been an easy “whipping boy” because of its high visibility and constant coverage; now 2012 has its first head scratcher.

In the same game that Austin Collie was removed and sustained a possible career threatening concussion a rookie running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers had a run in with a concussion, or so it seemed.  According to Ralph N. Paulk of TribLIVE, Rainey may have been allowed to play with injury, brain injury that is;

Chris Rainey repeatedly shook his head in an effort to clear the cobwebs after getting KO’d by Indianapolis cornerback Jerraud Powers in the first quarter of the Steelers’ 26-24 preseason victory Sunday night.

The rookie running back grudgingly relented to tests after being diagnosed with concussion symptoms by team medical personnel. After struggling to make it to the locker room, the fifth-round pick returned late in the second quarter.

The subjective description of how he went to the locker room added with the mechanism injury (see picture at link) would have been my first clue that the player in question was suffering.  Add into the description by the player and it becomes a “no-brainer’; Continue reading