Thought We Could Help Out the Player Safety Czar

Below is our suggestions for the NHL regarding the Raffi Torres hit from last night – BTW it was described by me as pure thuggery – regardless after some time thinking we have composed our thoughts in the format used by the league;

Option A

I am Brendan Shanahan of the National Hockey Leagues’ Player Safety.  Tuesday night in Chicago there was an incident that involved Raffi Torres of the Phoenix Coyotes and Marian Hossa of the Chicago Blackhawks.  This particular incident was not penalized at the time but after reviewing the film and interviews we have determined further discipline is warranted.

In the 1st period Raffi Torres hit Hossa in the open ice, but as you can CLEARLY see the puck was not in the vicinity of either player nor was it just immediately played by Hossa.  As Torres delivered the contact he left the ice and his principal point of contact was with his shoulder to the head of Hossa.

This is a clear violation of SO MANY rules; Rule 48 with states […] and Charging which states […] being the main concern.  Also very disturbing is the blatant lack of respect of a fellow player on the ice.

We understand this is playoff hockey but Continue reading

Comprehensive NHL Concussion Study

A research study was released yesterday from the University of Calgary that took a look at reporting concussions.  This study was also helped along by the NHL, so we must acknowledge that, from The Globe and Mail;

One in five National Hockey League players who sustained a concussion during a shift in the regular season went back on the ice that same game, a study by the league and players association has found.

It also showed a significant number of those players who returned to the ice ended up missing more than 10 days of play afterwards because of concussion symptoms, which include headache, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and sensitivity to light.

The results of the study were very obvious and dramatic and really highlighted the under-reporting that plagues all sports.  With this information we will now Continue reading

Raffi Torres

The Vancouver Canuck just finished his four-game suspension for this hit;

And upon his return to hockey in Game 3 of the opening round how does he go about his business?  Does he play the game with respect?  Does he respect other players?  Does he finally adhere to Rule 48?  Why don’t you take a look;

Some have said that Torres will get at least five games for his most recent hit, others have been baffled by how the NHL has been choosing to apply the rule.  It will be interesting to see how the league handles Torres, as now he is a repeat offender.