Beyond the Cheers Interview Today

I love radio hits, any chance I get to explain my angle as well as spread the necessary information is a blessing.  I have provided some doozy sound bites and probably some head scratching comments; one thing you get – I really hope – is little BS when it come to this information.  The only problem with local radio and most syndicated sports talk is that I get – at the most – ten minutes to get the necessary information out.

Today I will have an opportunity to spend some quality time on the subject.  Dave Furgeson, host of Blog Talk Radio and Beyond the Cheers has invited me to the show today.  Starting at 7pm EST we will be talking concussions for a solid hour – and I’m pumped!

You can listen live by going to Blog Talk Radio or Beyond the Cheers websites and clicking the play button on the “Live Stream” button on the right hand side of the page.  You can get a feel for what the show will be regarding by clicking HERE (live stream also located there).

I believe that Dave will be taking advance questions and live call in/chat questions during the show.  If you have a question for me feel free to send it in and perhaps I will get a chance to answer it.  Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 in Canada and United States to ask a question or e-mail Dave ( in advance.

Also, I would appreciate honest feedback – good or bad – after the show.  An honest discussion on this issue is really the only hope of getting things in a place that is comfortable for everyone.

Radio Interview: Matt Chaney

Matt has become a contributor here on the blog and I enjoy the work he has done not only for The Concussion Blog but for everyone.  It’s not a secret that a bit of Matt goes a long way, to say he is opinionated would be a complete understatement.  Matt has very valuable insight into many things; performance enhancing drugs (his book Spiral of Denial is a must read), catastrophic injuries and concussions.  He has lived all of them, making what he has to say valuable.  Just like what I write or opine on, you can take it however you choose but make sure you try to find the salient points.  As many have told me, it’s not the message that is incorrect, rather the way you are conveying the message.

Matt had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Bob Weil out of Chicago regarding all things Matt Chaney.

You can listen HERE.

Radio Interview: Dustin Fink

Today at 4:30 Central Time I will be interviewed on The Aric Lee Show talking about concussions in sports.  Aric’s show is a sports talk show that deals with regional and national sports on ESPN 1050 The Fan in Decatur, Illinois;we are slated to talk for about a half hour.

If you are so inclined you can listen live via this LINK ( and then click the listen live box in the top right hand corner (his show starts at 3 CST, that is when you can first click on the listen live box).  After the show feel free to give feedback here on this site.

*As a disclaimer I also appear on his show from time to time to be a “correspondent” of sorts with “fringe” sports like NASCAR and the Olympics (if you are lucky you can find some rather “atrocious” photos of me on the website).  This will be my first “official” appearance talking about concussions and this blog.  ENJOY