NHL Making Mockery of Concussions in Playoffs

You know how I feel about hockey, I love it; and playoff hockey is even more exciting.  The best sporting event I have ever attended was Game 6 of the Detroit/Colorado Series in 1997, there is just something about playoff hockey.  There is also one thing that is becoming more evident about playoff hockey; complete lack of consistency regarding player safety, in particular concussions.

On Friday Ryan Lambert wrote a very poignant article about the “concussion culture” and why it “sucks”.  He basically took to task the NHL and their scaling back of awareness and proper management of the concussion;

We take concussions very seriously,” says the National Hockey League.

“Oh really? That’s great,” says the sports fan. “How?”

“Umm well you see…” replies the NHL, trailing off and looking at the tops of its feet. Continue reading

NFL Memo

Pro Football Talk was forwarded a memo about concussions and getting players off the field from the National Football League;

Under the heading, “WHEN IN DOUBT LEAVE THEM OUT,” the memo states: “If you have any suspicion about a player being concussed, remove him from the game. Always err on the side of caution.”

This is common sense – rather should be – and it is a practice that has and should be going on at the lower level of football (except in isolated cases in college see Lockergate).  I have stated and am fully aware that professional athletes can make their own informed decisions, but it is good to practice what you preach.

It seems that the NFL is starting to at least begin to tighten Continue reading