Kris Letang Injury – Pittsburgh Penguins

I was notified of this injury/incident from @beezee05 on Saturday as it unfolded.  Since I had no way of watching what had happened the initial information was via twitter.  From the reports I gathered that Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins was hit in the head by a check from Max Pacioretty that not only dropped Letang but produced the appearance of unsteadiness after the hit.  Here is the hit;

Not only did Pacioretty’s shoulder make principal contact with the head (agreed upon and explained by Brendan Shanahan of the NHL), Letang was having a difficult time maintaining his steadiness on all fours.  Not to mention the blood pouring from his nose.  Granted hockey players are tough, it appears that there was more than a “broken nose” on that play.  The signs are there, albeit subtle, of a concussion.  Add to the fact that Letang needed assistance from teammates to get to the bench, seen here (NSFW); Continue reading